Do you know where your stuff is?

If you don’t, you need Ready Asset Tracking. We offer a simple to install solution perfect for tracking any kind of asset important to your business – trailers, heavy machinery, generators, boats, tractors, and other equipment.

Our asset trackers provide a daily location update. When an asset starts moving, the tracker wakes up and provides an update every 15 minutes. 24/7 coverage on a Tier 1 national cellular network means you get seamless reporting, even at remote job sites. Ready Asset Tracking’s online dashboard allows you to view your assets’ locations any time and track movement history. Advanced reporting offers insights into dwell time and can help you avoid demurrage charges.


Asset Tracking Features


Solar & Battery Powered

Ready Asset Tracking offers both solar and battery-powered devices suited for a variety of uses and environments.


Real-Time Location Tracking

Pinpoint asset locations in real-time. Live tracking gives you instant visibility into where your generators, trailers, mobile signage, and more are right now.


Simple Installation

All devices install in seconds, using magnets or VHB tape.


Movement Alerts

Alert notifications of asset arrival or departure. Monitor schedules and limit or manage dwell times to make critical business decisions.


Weather Resistant Devices

All of our devices are dust tight and built to withstand high-powered water jets.


Advanced Reporting

Reports provide visibility to your heavy machinery, containers, and more. Search, sort or group to view by asset type or size.

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Gain actionable insights from our simple-to-install devices

Track the location of your agriculture equipment with Ready Asset Tracking’s gps tracking devices

Maximize Revenue and Utilization

Assign assets to the right jobs/customers to grow your revenue. Improve revenue assurance with verifiable utilization reports.

Protect Your Balance Sheet

Ensure your physical assets are not lost or being misused. Audit asset usage and location.

Streamline Operations

Real time information streamlines scheduling of asset assignments, movements, and pick-up.

Simple to Install, Rugged Wireless Devices 

Solar and battery powered devices perfect for use with unpowered or intermittently powered assets for long term and remote deployments. Affix to any asset with magnet or VHB tape. 

Online Dashboard & Reporting 

The Ready Asset Tracking platform empowers you to make smart decisions relating to asset and machinery tracking. You can view asset locations on the map any time, from anywhere. Our user-friendly interface makes it easy to pull reports and track history of asset movement.

Our rugged devices can be used for long term and remote deployments.

Always On GPS Tracking 

Real-time 24/7/365 location management for all your assets. Configure your own geo-location settings and get alerts any time an asset moves or leaves the assigned area. National coverage on a Tier 1 network means you’ll always have reliable, actionable data from your devices.