We know wireless tech and services.  With more than a decade in the industry, Ready Wireless has the know-how and deep experience to deliver carrier-grade reliability, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

Our commitment to quality at scale is represented in our long-standing customer relationships and industry recognition, including serial listings on Inc. 5000 from 2012 through 2017, and being awarded Top MVNE 2015 and Top MVNA 2017 by Informa MVNO World Congress.



Dennis Henderson

Co-Founder,  CEO

Fred Haumesser

Co-Founder,  Chief Revenue Officer

Glen Jasper

President, Ready Wireless

Scott Kokotan

Chief Financial Officer

Kris Lentz

Chief Marketing Officer

Mike Schmidt

Chief Technology Officer

Joe Peterson

President, Ready IoT


Entouch Wireless™ is a national mobile service provider operating on America’s premier 4G LTE wireless networks. The company is dedicated to helping to close the gap for digital services in rural, tribal and low-income communities by leveraging the power of wireless technologies. The modernized Lifeline program offered by Entouch Wireless provides full service, flexible and easily managed voice, text and 4G LTE data plans and devices, while ensuring the service is protected when the paycheck is stretched too far.

Ready Mobile™ is a leading mobile service provider, offering nationwide coverage on the premier 4G LTE wireless networks in the US. Its mission of creating great service, offering great value, making great impact is manifest in its focus on providing quality mobile service at an affordable price, and offering products and services that bring real value to the lives of families. Ready Mobile is committed to putting an end to distracted driving, through its own products and services, and building awareness through advocacy.

Founded in 2016 and based in Seattle, WA. GIGBEE is an App, Referral Platform, and On-Demand Sales Team that rewards customers when they refer friends and family for your product or service. GIGBEE is completely disrupting the traditional value exchange between Brands, Media Companies and Consumers. We recognize that now more than ever individuals have the ability to influence a brands bottom line. For Brand’s GIGBEE is an exciting new way to sell products and services online through a nationwide On-Demand Sales Team.