In tandem with the Octane™ platform, Ready Wireless provides a full range of managed services to support our customers.  From every aspect of the supply chain to marketing, Ready Wireless offers the range of expertise and operational savvy to assure cost efficiency and execution excellence.


Our device expertise & supplier network can help you get the right equipment with the right price & terms.


Fulfillment and Provisioning

  • Retail, including EDI order management
  • Bulk Shipments / Distruibution Centers
  • Direct to Consumer

Universal Reload

For ETC/Lifeline operators, we enable a universal, retail top up service called Airfair. Your subscribers can top up through tens of thousands of national chain outlets.


Federal & State level support

Customer Support - Tier I & II

Our service team supports feature phones, smart phones and data devices, in both domestic and near shore support centers.

  • Campaign Management
  • Branding Support
  • Customized e-Commerce
  • Customized Self Care Sites
  • Product Management
  • Loyalty Campaigns
  • Data Management: IP Whitelisting, Throttling, Real Time Teardown, Packet Inspection
  • Intelligent Network (IN)
  • Ready SIM
  • Evolved Packet Core (EPC)




Ready Wireless fleet solutions allows fleet and asset managers to optimize business profitability and vehicle performance, while lowering operational costs and keeping drivers safe through our end-to-end distracted driving and mobile resource management (MRM) solutions.  

Asset Tracking 

Hardware + UI solutions for Multifunctional GPS Monitoring, used for monitoring mobile and stationary assets.

Fleet Management and Diagnostics

Ready Fleet is a web-based monitoring application that is available on any PC, Tablet or mobile phone.

Distracted Driving Prevention

In combination with Ready Mobile wireless service. Groove is the most effective Distracted Driving solution available.